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Amelia’s flexible front-end views allow you to organize the booking flow best for your business. On any page or post you can embed a step-by-step booking interface, a real-time search interface to look for appropriate time slots, or with a full services catalog. Use buttons below to see each interface, or just browse and scroll the pages to look how it can be embedded in a live website.

Revitalizing beauty

Take a look at Amelia’s new and improved booking form. Try it out below and see how easy it is to schedule an appointment with just a few clicks.

Promo Package this Month

Packages in the Amelia Booking plugin are made to give you the option to create a package of multiple appointments from the same or different services and give a discount to the total price to attract your customers more.

See how the Ballaë institute uses Amelia to accept 30+ appointments every week

Check out the stories of real Amelia users

Use the Amelia Catalog Booking form to show the booking form with all the options for choosing the services, locations, and employees (if you have more than one).
All demo websites are built for showing purposes with Bridge theme.

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